We began keeping bees 15 years ago with a few hives and have slowly expanded our apiary.  We realized early on that the less we fiddle with the honey the better it tastes.  Most store bought honey is heated and filtered to make a uniform, shelf stable product.  However, the result is often a bland honey devoid of character and nutrition, as the heat destroys vitamins and enzymes, and filtering removes some of the pollen and propolis.

         Our raw honey is unheated and unfiltered.  It contains the pollen and propolis put there by the bees.  These compounds not only add depth and complexity to our honey, but have valuable medicinal properties as well.  

In addition to our own honey varietals, we are importing honey from indigenous beekeepers in Oaxaca, Mexico. This rich, dark honey is incredible with notes of cherry and dried fruit. Purchasing this honey helps these beekeepers maintain their traditional, land based culture and remain in their communities.