TERROIR:   Over the years we have received a lot of positive feedback about our raw honey.  Time and time again we have been told that our honey is some of the best honey people have ever tasted.  Before we are accused of arrogance and bragging, let us explain.  It's not really about us- it's about terroir.

What is terroir and what does it have to do with honey? 

Terroir means "earth" in French but is a concept encompassing much more than that.  Terroir is the unique flavor and quality of an agricultural product that is determined by the specific qualities of the place where it is produced.  The soil, wind, rainfall and other natural elements all have profound effects on the qualities of food produced in a certain locale.  The term terroir has been applied to agricultural products such as wine and cheese in Europe for centuries, and is now used to describe the many types of honey produced in different environments.  We think there is something magical about the terroir at Bright Raven Farm as it produces some fantastic honey! 

PLANTS:  Honey bees will forage for nectar and pollen from all kinds of different plants.  At our farm in the spring, they visit maple, dandelion, willow, fruit trees, rose hips, wild brambles, black locust, and basswood flowers.  In summer they find sumac, milkweed, Japanese knotweed, and dog bane.  Goldenrod and asters are the main nectar and pollen sources in the fall. 

   By paying close attention to the weather and local flower bloom cycles, we are able to harvest three to four and sometimes even five different honey varietals in a single season.  These honeys each have their own unique colors, textures, and flavors depending on the nectar source they were made from.